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Plan Your Private Practice

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Learn how to Plan a Private Practice that is perfect for you during this Interactive 1-Hour Workshop.

What's inside this workshop:


Make the 5 key decisions that will get you ready to start seeing private clients – without the overwhelm of wondering where the heck to start  today.


Use our Private Client Planner to plan out exactly when and how you will see your clients – no more wondering "...what would that look like?"



Get access to our exclusive Private Practice Income Calculator, and see how quickly your income can grow by seeing just one client per week!


You’re just a few clicks away from the path that is going to lead to more freedom, fulfillment, and financial security – you'll walk away from this workshop with a completed, customized plan for how you will start YOUR private practice!

Meet Jena:

"You learned how to be a clinician in grad school - but didn't learn how to EARN like one. That's where I come in."



Hi! I'm Jena.

I started my private practice “on the side” of my job when I was 26 years old because I had early career burnout. Friends kept asking her how I did it, so I created my company, The Independent Clinician to teach SLPs and OTs how to build their own lifestyle and traditional private practices.

Now I've helped over 10,000 clinicians build successful and sustainable private practices through programs available through Private Practice School. I am is the author of The Path to Private Practice and host of The Private Practice Success Stories Podcast.

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Don’t wait! Take control of your life today, and plan YOUR private practice.



Get access to step-by-step planning instructions, the Private Client Planner, and the Private Practice Income Calculator – so grab a cup of coffee and a pen and hop into the workshop today!