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Use These Digital, Lawyer-Reviewed, Customizable and Professional-Looking Private Practice Clinic Forms for SLPs in Private Practice

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You'll get 30+ Customizable Forms

General Acknowledgement of Forms
HIPAA Notice (aka Notice of Privacy Practices)
Acknowledgement of Receiving HIPAA Privacy Notice
Intake / Case History Form (Pediatric)
Intake / Case History Form (Adult)
Attendance Agreement / Cancellation Policy
Consent For Services Form
Attendance and Record of Payment
Payment Policy
Record of Contacts
Payment Policy and Fee Schedule
Record of Client Contact
Screening Permission Form
Communication Preference Form
Consent for Observation
Evaluation Report
Progress Report

Progress Note
Consent for Exchange, Obtain or Release of Information
Health Insurance Verification Form
Release of Photographs / Videos Form
CMS1500 Form (Medicare)
Credit Card Authorization Form
Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk
How Did You Hear About Us?
Client Testimonial Permission Form
Physician Referral Form
Fax Cover Sheet
Telepractice Consent Form (New!)
Sample School Contract (New!)
Sample Employment Agreement (New!)
Sample Independent Contractor Agreement (New!)

Here's Everything You Get:

You'll Get Immediate Access to the Private Practice Clinic Forms AND You'll Also Get Additional Bonuses to Further Protect Your Private Practice and Get Organized!


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There Are Other Ways to Protect Yourself Legally, Financially, Professional and Personally.

I Want to Make Sure You Know ALL Of The Ways To Reduce The Risks Associated With Starting a Business


It's YOUR Private Practice so Why Not Make It Fully Yours

The Clinic Forms come in MS Word FOrmat So Taht You Can Do the Following:

✅ Add Your Own Logo and Branding

✅ Add Your Practice Name/Address

✅ Change The Wording To Meet Your Practice Needs (ex. "clients" vs. "patients")

✅ MS Word Format Can Be Opened In Google Docs / Pages (Will Need to Adjust Formatting)


❌ No Independent Clinician Branding


Like To Have Your Ducks in a Row?

Want To Keep Track of Everything as You Grow?

It's time to GET ORGANIZED!

Ever wanted a master "to do list" with all of the things you should be doing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis?

Well ... here it is!

Special Thanks To The Contributors
Emily Leavitt Creteau, Janelle Fenwick, Jesse Ginsberg, Kelley Jewart, and Shanell Latta

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✅ 20 Advanced Forms (a $1997 Value)

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Do You have a Covid-specific form?

I do not have a Covid-specific form because every city/state has their own rules and recommended levels of precaution. 
You can add Covid-specific language to the “Assumption of Risk” form, which is one of the Clinic Forms. 

Can you use the forms in Google Docs / Pages?
The Clinic Forms are in Word Doc format but you can open them in Google Docs and Pages (you just might have to re-format.)

Can I buy just 1-2 forms?
No. I don’t sell the Clinic Forms separately due to an arrangement I made the with lawyer who helped review them.
Also, even if you don’t think you need them, I guarantee there are forms and permissions you should be getting that you’re not currently asking them to. (ex. Are you doing telepractice without a Telepractice Consent Form? Want one? There is one included)
Again, if you want to hire your own lawyer for 1-2 forms, you absolutely can. Just know that the average fee for lawyers is $250/hour. 
I regularly have established private practitioners who already have their own forms buy The Clinic Forms to compare them to their current set and upgrade what they have.

What about electronic signatures?
You can use programs like HelloSign or DocuSign to have clients sign your forms electronically. 

If I join Start Your Private Practice, are the Clinic Forms included?
The Clinic Forms are sold separately. Click here to get them now.

Are the Clinic Forms tax-deductible?
Every product I sell is a tax-deductible business expense. Save your receipts!

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