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From: Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP

Re: How to set yourself up for private practice success even if you're overwhelmed and don't know where to start
Dear Friend, 

Is it a struggle to provide high-quality therapy in your current setting?

Does it seem like you're hitting a wall? Something holding you back, but you just can't put your finger on what it is?

Do you ever worry that it's become too difficult to work in your current setting? That there are too many limitations, long-hours and not enough respect or income?

I know what you're going through.

Or at least I used to. Whether you're already burned out or heading in that direction, let's talk about it.

The honest truth is... it's not your fault.

Now that might sound cliche, but it's true...and here's why. You probably got into the field because you wanted to help people. And yes, you still LOVE helping people... but you're starting to feel somewhat taken advantage of.

You didn't get into this field for the money... but it sure would be nice to make more money, especially given the long-hours, report writing at home, having to buy your own therapy materials, etc.

The problem is, you're a "helping people" person. (I am too.) And sometimes we get so caught up in helping others, that we forget to help ourselves.

So now, here you are. 

Still feeling like being a speech-language pathologist, OT, PT, etc. is the right career for you... but are you in the right setting?

It's okay. I know you're struggling to figure out how to provide the best therapy for your clients / patients / kiddos so that you can continue working in the profession that you love.

This is what I do. Help is on the way! 
Listen, It's Totally Possible 
To Start Your Own Private Practice 
Full-Time or "On The Side"
(You Just Need 3 Simple Things)
You could go and try to figure out what the first steps of starting a private practice are, spend 
HOURS combing Google 
or get overwhelmed on the ASHA website or lost in Facebook Groups


Simply use the 5 tools in the Private Practice Planner Pack to start the process of planning and envisioning what your private practice could look like over the course of an evening as you sit back, relax and sip your beverage of choice. 
No fluff and no B.S.

Just answer the questions and start putting your private practice dreams to paper before you "jump into" anything. 

Here's just a LITTLE of what you'll get:
Specific Questions to Answer That Will Lead You to Formulate a Plan
A Better Understanding of How / When Private Practice Will Fit Into Your Life
Insight Into Your Specific Motivation(s) for Being in Private Practice
Information About Your Earnings Potential (Using The Annual Income Salary Estimator)
A Plan for Which Types of Clients You Want to See and What Treatment You'll Provide
A Curated List of Business Books to Check Out to Gain Some Business Skils Without Getting an MBA
 Conduct a Market Analysis to Make Sure There's a Need In Your Local Area
A Private Practice Roadmap to Learn The 5 Phases of Private Practice and 3 Big Mistakes to Avoid
This Was a Fun System to Develop
(And People Love Using It!)
I get emails and Facebook messages every single day asking, "How do you start?" 
or "What's the first step?" to start a private practice. 

Honestly, the first step is to make sure it's the right decision for you.

Once you've decided that private practice is right for you, there are a lot more steps 

But you have to start with a vision, a plan and some idea of 
how much money you stand to make to make sure it's a good financial decision for you...

I have been helping private practitioners start their own private practices since 2008 
and I know a thing or two about how to make the process easier and more efficient.
The "Planner Pack" Comes With 5 Amazing Tools
To Help You Get Your First 5 Ducks in a Row

Here's What You Get When You 
Purchase Today:
Included Item #1 : The 1 Page Business Plan
Don't know anything about writing a business plan? I've got you covered.

New Flash: Unless you're asking for a bank loan, you don't have to write a 50-page business plan.

BUT - you do have to have A PLAN.

The good news is: a one page plan will do!

Let's make this process fun and easy - instead of boring, intimidating or daunting. 
Included Item #2 : The Private Practice Planner
What does your dream private practice "look like"?

Fill out the questions to create a vision for what your private practice could be.

The best part, you can use this planner to complete the questions in your Private Practice Planner in just a few hours... with your favorite beverage!
Print out the Planner, find a quiet space, get a glass of your favorite beverage and let your creative juices flow!
Included Item #3 : The Income Calculator
(This is not a promise or guarantee of income - this is just for planning purposes. Also, you MUST pay taxes on all earnings. Saving 30% for taxes is a good guideline)

How much money can you make in private practice?

The Annual Salary Estimator will help you figure out your private practice income earning potential.

Play with the numbers to see what a part-time or full-time private practice income could mean for you and your family.

Included Item #4 : Recommending Reading for Private Practitioners
Didn't go to business school?

Don't worry, 99% of SLPs in private practice didn't either.


If you're going to run a business, you need to learn a few basics.

Check out this list of curated business books, personally chosen by Jena, as being the very best (and least boring!) books for private practitioners to read to develop enough business skills to be a confidence business owner.
These are the best "bang for your buck" NON-BORING
business books recommended specifically by Jena.
Included Item #5 : Local Market Analysis
Follow My Step-by-Step Process to Make Sure That There
Is a Need for Services In Your Area BEFORE Starting Your Practice
Is there a need for you services in your local area?

It's better to find out BEFORE you start your private practice.

Watch an 18 minute training (taken directly from The Start Your Private Practice System) and follow along in your workbook.

THEN decide whether it's time to move on to the next step: starting your private practice!
And In Case You Don't Have It...
Starting a Private Practice Isn't What It Used to Be. You Need a Roadmap. Fast!
Learn the 5 Phases of Private Practice and 3 MAJOR Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Started
Why It's Just $47...
I'm only charging $47 for The Private Practice Planner Pack, and not giving these tools away, for 3 reasons.
1. $47 puts The Planner Pack within reach of the vast majority of people. 
It's not too expensive for even the humblest beginner.

2. Anyone who's not serious enough about starting a private practice 
to invest just $47 into The Planner Pack isn't going to take the time to use the methods laid out in it anyway.

3. Anyone who is serious enough to put down the price of a quick dinner for two  
and buy The Planner Pack make sure that private practice is right for you.
If you're thinking, "$47 is so cheap! What's the catch?", here it is:

To be complete transparent, The Private Practice Planner Pack isn't the only thing I sell. 
My secret motive is to over-deliver by such a wide margin that you will feel comfortable investing 
in every other course, resource, and training I put out (including my comprensive beginner course,
The Start Your Private Practice System.)

So if you're serious about figuring out if private practice is right for you 
(before "diving in" and risking failure), then click the "Add to Cart" button below. 
If you need to justify the expense, skip going to Panera or Subway today and it's paid for.
My “Double” You’ll Love It Guarantee...
Guarantee #1: If for any reason you think The Private Practice Planner Pack isn’t the best $47 you’ve ever spent, just send me an email and I’ll gladly refund you whole $47 big cash dollars.

Guarantee #2: If you fill out the 1 Page Business Plan, The Private Practice Planner, use the Annual Income Estimator (and you actually DO what I recommend) and conduct a Market Analysis and you don't feel like you've been able to decide whether you're ready to take the next step, I’ll actually refund TWICE your money. All I ask is that you give me an honest effort. How is that for fair?
I’ll Only Sell 500 Copies at This Price...
Time is Very Much "Of the Essence"... I can't stress how small your window of opportunity to take advantage of this offer is.

I'm only making 500 of the The Private Practice Planner Pack available at this low price — and they're going to go quickly. Once they're gone, the price is going back up to $97. So trust me, you don't want to miss it...

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Meet The Author:
Jena H. Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP is a Speech-Language Pathologist and private practice consultant in Boston, MA. By day, she treats adult survivors of stroke and traumatic brain injury. After hours, she teaches regular clinicians how to start their own private practices by treating their own private clients "on the side."

She is the founder of The Independent Clinician author of The Start Your Private Practice System 
and the Grow Your Private Practice Coaching Program. 
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