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Presented by Jena Castro-Cabon. SLP

This Free Event will be held: 

April 19th-April 23rd

Recorded Videos with Action Items and Daily Live Trainings 

*Everything will be recorded*
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You wouldn't build a house without architectural plans, would you?

So let's plan your private practice before you start it. 

Here are three ways this event will change your life forever:

Life Changer #1: 

Gain Information and Confidence on How Private Practice Can Work For You (No Matter Where You Are In Your Career)

Life Changer #2:

Craft a Vision for Your Dream Private Practice and Make a Plan to Do It

Life Changer #3:

Learn How to Earn What You’re Worth as SLP Without Paying a Fortune in Start Up Costs

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I Want To Plan My Private Practice


Hi there!

I’m Jena and I’m on a mission to help 1,000 SLPs build successful private practices this year.

Whether you want to start a private practice full-time or “on the side” of your regular job, I would love to help you take control of your professional, personal and financial life.

Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP

Private Practice Consultant and Business Coach

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